Felony Indictments Unsealed In Moore Murder Investigation

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

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GREENVILLE, Texas (CBS 11 NEWS) – When 16-year-old Alicia Moore disappeared from her Greenville bus stop last year, it was clear that the community cared.  Strangers searched, prayed, and tied on purple ribbons.  And, prior to her murder, someone questioned whether the special needs teen was safe.

A referral was made to Child Protective Services alleging possible abuse or neglect.  But, CPS officials won’t say when that referral was made… telling CBS 11 that the agency is “not at liberty to release any details of our possible involvements with the Moore family.”  According to CPS Spokesperson Marissa Gonzales, “she was not in foster care, so any details would not be public record.”

However, three felony indictments unsealed today name three CPS caseworkers connected to that initial investigation.  Laura Ard, Natalie Ausbie Reynolds, and Rebekah Ross were arrested and charged with tampering with evidence. They have…

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