Man Gets 27+ Years In Prison For Random Knife Attack on Center City Woman

CBS Philly

By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A South Philadelphia man has been sentenced to a long prison term for a random attack on a center city mother outside her Pine Street home in June of last year.

Defendant Keith Blake, 48, was sentenced today to 27-54 years in prison for the bizarre, midday attack on the victim as she parked in front of her house with her toddler son sleeping in the back seat (see previous story).

“She was going to open the back seat to get her son out of the car, when this defendant basically came out of nowhere with this huge knife,” notes Philadelphia prosecutor Erin Boyle.

As Blake thrust the knife toward her face, she reflexively raised her hand and blocked the knife, suffering cuts to her hand but avoiding serious injury.

Then, Boyle says, a courageous passerby intervened and chased Blake off.  She…

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