Police: Ambulance Stolen While Responding to Emergency


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LORAIN, Ohio– Lorain police are looking for the person who stole an ambulance as it was responding to an emergency call in Lorain.

“We received a call at 1:01 Friday morning for a 20-year-old woman in labor,” said LifeCare Vice President Herb de la Porte.

But according to de la Porte, this was no ordinary call.

“As the crew was taking care of the patient, they heard the back-up alarm in the ambulance. At first they thought it was a second ambulance to help them,” said de la Porte.

But instead, the two LifeCare paramedics looked up to see their ambulance take off down West 21st Street.

“Each vehicle is very technologically advanced. They are equipped with GPS; which they were able to monitor the vehicle,” said Rob Dybo, communications director at LifeCare.

And while the paramedics called police, dispatchers continued to tracked the ambulance for several…

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