Breaking: Jay Z and Beyonce’s Head of Security Had to Be KILLED by Police

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jaybeyMTO Reports that Jay Z’s head of security was KILLED BY POLICE earlier this week. Norman Oosterbroek, the 6 foot 10 inch 300 pound giant was the man charged with guarding the LIFE AND LIMB of Jay Z, Beyonce, and Blue. He stayed in their home, traveled with them in their yacht and in their jet. He was the head of their security

According to reports, he broke into somebody’s house NAKED. And police had to kill him to stop him. Here is how the Miami Herald is reporting it:

Just before 11 p.m. this past Monday, Pinecrest police responded to a mansion just off Old Cutler Road to reports that a naked intruder was terrorizing the home’s owners. The cops found a 43-year-old man in the buff, and when he attacked police, they hit him with a Taser. He died soon afterward. . .

This much is certain, according…

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