Dad Fears Missing Teen Son Vanished ‘Into the Wild’

(CNN) — It was just a movie about a young man who rejected society and disappeared “Into the Wild.” Now, Johnathan Croom’s father fears his teenage son has done the same thing in real life.

David Croom of Apache Junction, Arizona, hasn’t seen his 18-year-old son in more than a week. And he’s worried.

Johnathan’s green Honda CRV was found abandoned on a lonely road in the quiet country town of Riddle, Oregon, on Wednesday, two days after he was supposed to start college at Mesa Community College. He was last seen at a friend’s home in Seattle, where he’d been visiting. His father assumed he was driving back to Arizona through Washington and Oregon.

“He’s never been in the wild before,” David Croom said. But he says his son has been reading Jon Krakauer’s 1996 nonfiction book and watching the movie adaptation.

Krakauer’s account of the life of Chris…

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