Man Who Flew 14-Year-Old Girl In From Connecticut Says He Was Trying To Help Her

CBS Sacramento

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SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A man’s cross-country flight ends in his capture after investigators say he brought back an underage girl he met online. He’s speaking out from behind bars.

“It was planned out over a period of about two months,” said Nathan Salas.

A misguided attempt to help, he says, has now landed him behind bars.

Salas admits to forging a relationship with a 14-year-old Connecticut girl online, often chatting with her on webcam. He says the relationship wasn’t sexual and he never saw her without her clothes on.

It was a platonic friendship, he says. Then the teen started telling him about alleged verbal abuse and neglect.

“‘My dad doesn’t pay attention to me, my mom doesn’t pay attention to me, my dad is always yelling at me.’”

Salas says after a number of conversations, he believed the girl may be in danger.


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