Muggers Chew Elderly Woman’s Fingers Off: 24 Hour Crime Report

WCHB-AM: NewsTalk 1200

Elderly woman tells good Samaritan she was bitten during robbery

(WJBK) – Eriberto Guardado spotted a 77-year-old woman bleeding on the side of the road Tuesday and stopped to help.

“I took her to my dad’s bar. We bandaged her up as best as we could with the first aid kit that we had,” he said.

Guardado said the elderly woman told him she was walking home from the Family Dollar on Vernor Highway when two men attacked her under a viaduct.

“One guy grabbed her and threw her on the floor, was holding her while another guy was biting her because like she was holding her hands,” he explained. “They stole her gold necklace, one of her earrings and two of her rings.”

Guardado drove throughout his southwest Detroit neighborhood searching for the men. He thought he saw two suspicious men that fit a vague description, but they got away.

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