Mark Bridger to begin defence in April Jones murder trial


The criminal past of Mark Bridger, the man accused of the murder of April Jones, has been laid bare in court.

Jurors at Mold crown court heard how the 47-year-old had a string of convictions related to firearms and road rage.

But his defence lawyers, who unveiled the prior convictions, stressed Bridger, from Ceinws, mid-Wales, had not been found guilty of any child sex-related offences and had always pleaded guilty when before a court in the past.

He denies abduction, murder and intending to pervert the course of justice by disposing of, concealing or destroying April’s body, which has never been found despite the biggest search operation in British policing history.

Prosecutors spent several weeks presenting their case against Bridger, claiming the abduction and murder of April, five, was ‘sexually motivated’.

They claim Bridger accessed indecent images of children on the day he abducted April from the Bryn-y-Gog estate in…

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