Bali drug smuggler Lindsay Sandiford lodges new appeal against firing squad conviction


Lindsay Sandiford, the Briton facing death by firing squad for drug smuggling in Bali, has lodged a second appeal against her conviction.

Sandiford, 56, from Cheltenham in Gloucestershire, has appealed to Indonesia’s Supreme Court to overturn the earlier decisions after she was found guilty of smuggling 4.8kg (10.6lb) of cocaine from Thailand in May 2012.

Her conviction and subsequent sentencing led to a sense of shock in the UK, as the prosecution’s recommendation of 15 years in prison was usurped by the court in favour of handing down the death penalty.

Sandiford had claimed she was coerced into trafficking the drugs and, despite raising more than £10,000 in donations from back home to help with her cause, her appeal to the High Court in Bali failed earlier this year.

Sandiford’s remaining options, if her approach to the Supreme Court falls flat, include another appeal to the same court for judicial review.

However, after that…

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