Uncle of Kidnapping Suspect: ‘My God’


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CLEVELAND, Ohio — Three men were arrested Monday in the disappearance of three girls in the Cleveland area.

A man who said he is the uncle of one of the suspects is shocked, because the girls were found in his nephew’s home.

“I went over there, and I said this is my nephew’s house, this can’t be happening, whew, God. But then they confirmed it,” said Julio Castro.

Years after Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight disappeared, all three girls were found alive Monday at a home on Seymour Avenue.

Late Monday night, police said that three arrests have been made in connection with the girls’ disappearances. The men, ages 54, 52 and 50, are brothers.

“Gina is a friend of my family. They’ve been friend of ours. They grew up together. On the other side, it’s my nephew. Who everybody thought was such a…

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