St. George woman turns husband’s death into texting and driving message

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ST. GEORGE, Utah – A St. George woman is using her family’s tragedy to encourage others to think twice before using their phone while on the road.

Just over two months ago, Leslee and Dave Henson were running along a St. George road when they were hit by a driver who was texting. Leslee survived, but Dave was killed.

Months later, Leslee is still recovering, and she hopes others will hear her message about the dangers of being on the phone while driving a car.

“I required over 3,000 stitches and staples in my head. I was basically put back together, my head was a jigsaw puzzle,” Leslee said.

Leslee and her daughter Hayley Warner have started “Stop the Texts, Stop the Wrecks,” and travel the state urging high school students to pledge to be distraction-free drivers.

“We all get into those bad habits, so we’ve had some really…

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