Nathan Dunlap Expresses Regret In Petition DVD For Gov. Hickenlooper

CBS Denver

DENVER (AP/CBS4) – A man convicted of ambushing and killing four employees at a Colorado pizza restaurant in 1993 had undiagnosed bipolar disorder at the time and should not be executed, his lawyers argued Monday.

Nathan Dunlap’s attorneys made the claim in a formal request to Gov. John Hickenlooper for clemency, also saying Dunlap is remorseful and that he endured severe physical and sexual abuse as a child. Dunlap talked about his regrets on video.

Dunlap, 38, was convicted and sentenced to die in 1996 for the shooting deaths of four workers who were cleaning a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Aurora after business hours. Three of the victims were teenagers. Dunlap, then 19, had recently lost a job at the eatery.

Hickenlooper was given lots of information in a petition, including a DVD with interviews from Dunlap’s brother, sister, friends and even mental health experts. There is also a…

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