I-Team: Animal Deaths Going Unreported In Texas

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

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DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Rick Ewing stares at a picture of Shon. Shon is a retired police dog from Slovakia. He was very protective of the Ewings.

“He was my family member. That was my best friend and my son’s best friend,” says Ewing as his voice cracks.

Shon died the same way “hundreds, if not thousands” of animals are dying every year in Texas according to Animal Rights Attorney Don Feare.

CBS 11 has learned that deaths and injuries of animals are going unreported in Texas. Animal owners, like Rick Ewing, want their stories told so something is done.

“We thought he’d be safe there,” says Ewing explaining how he boarded Shon in a North Texas kennel for training and daily grooming while the family went on vacation. Less than 24-hours after dropping Shon off, Ewing got a phone call.

“I’d gotten a…

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