Convicted Cuban Spy Renounces U.S. Citizenship, Will Stay In Cuba

CBS Miami

HAVANA, Cuba (CBS4) – Unlike thousands of Cubans who visit the U.S, Interests Section in Havana hoping to leave the island, Rene Gonzalez showed up to the U.S. diplomatic mission Monday accompanied by his attorney to renounce his U.S. citizenship so he can stay in Cuba permanently.

“It’s a conscious decision,” Gonzalez told CBS News in Havana. “I did it on my own will. I have people in the U.S. who I love. I don’t have a grudge against the United States as a country.”

Gonzalez is one of five Cuban agents convicted in 2001 of spying on U.S. military installations and Cuban exile groups.

[worldnow id=8849964 width=385 height=288 type=video]

After serving 12 years in prison, he was allowed to return to Cuba for his father’s funeral. A federal judge later allowed him to stay on the island as long as he gave up his U.S. citizenship.

“I’m not happy about it,”…

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