Teen suspect in referee’s death may face more legal charges


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TAYLORSVILLE, Utah — The 17-year-old who allegedly assaulted a soccer referee faces the possibility of more serious legal charges now that the victim has died.

Ricardo Portillo, 46, died Saturday night after spending several days in a coma. Portillo was officiating a soccer game, and he was assaulted after giving the teen a “yellow card” for an infraction.

Attorney Greg Skordas was an assistant district attorney for eight years before he began a private defense practice, and he said the first decision Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill will have to make is whether or not to try the teen as an adult.

Skordas said that decision may be influenced by the wishes of the victim’s family.

“The district attorney would give a lot of deference to the victim’s family, more than you might think,” he said. “Especially in a case like this where there…

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