Hot 97′s Mister Cee Arrested for Picking Up Male Prostitutes! Again.

Z 107.9

mister cee arrested

History repeats itself. For the second time in 2 years, Mister Cee has been arrested for soliciting a male prostitute.

Several reports say that police have confirmed Cee–government name Calvin LeBrun–was cuffed after he allegedly tried to pick up a prostitute on a Brooklyn street corner.

Cee supposedly had no idea that the prostitute he tried to pick up Friday night was an undercover cop.

Calvin has been officially charged with “patronizing a prostitute” and is still waiting to be arraigned today.

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If you remember, back in 2011, Cee was “found engaged in oral sex with a male prostitute in Manhattan.  He plead guilty to that offense, yet stayed oddly mum about the fact the prostitute was male.  He also said the whole arrest was a conspiracy by NYPD. ”

I tell you he’s married?

It was also uncovered at that time that Cee was arrested a…

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