Exclusive: Identity Theft Victim Of Pa. Runaway Mom Speaks Out

CBS Philly

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By Jenn Bernstein

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – We are continuing to learn more details about Brenda Heist’s life in Florida.

Heike Farmer didn’t hesitate to use a woman known as “Lovie Smith” to clean her home back in July of 2011.

The recommendation came from her own mother, who used “Lovie” every week.

She was recovering from shoulder surgery, when Heist came to clean. Farmer remembers taking out cash for Heist.

“I was sort of out of it still and I laid my license down with the cash, I never knew that my license disappeared until a day later I was looking for it, and I just thought I’d lost it,” said Farmer.

More than a year later, Farmer received a ticket in the mail for a traffic infraction she was never involved in.

“I called the police who gave me all the details saying you…

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