Santa Cruz County Residents Warned To Be On Lookout For Fugitive

CBS San Francisco

SANTA CRUZ (CBS SF) – The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office is warning residents about robbery and burglary suspect Dimitri Storm, who victimizes those who leave their cars and homes unlocked, a sheriff’s spokeswoman said.

Storm, 42, is known to walk by cars and try the doors to see if any pop open, and also looks for unlocked doors at homes, sometimes hiding inside unoccupied dwellings, sheriff’s spokeswoman Officer April Skalland said.

“He steals cars by looking for keys in the car,” Skalland said. “The doors were unlocked to all of the homes he’s gone into.”

[cbs-audio url=”″ size=”” download=”” name=”Manhunt Underway in Santa Cruz County” artist=”Mike Colgan”]

The sheriff’s office wants to get the word out to the public to lock all doors and not leave their keys in their cars, Skalland said.

Storm is suspected in a series of robberies and burglaries in areas including Santa Cruz, Monterey…

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