Protective Order Against Bedford Stabbing Suspect Expired

CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

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BEDFORD (CBSDFW.COM) –  The suspect in a double murder of a mother and her 8 year-old refused extradition from Oklahoma and will remain in an Oklahoma jail until Texas authorities obtain a warrant from Governor Rick Perry.

Cedric Ricks, 38, is the prime suspect in the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Roxann Sanchez, 30, and her eight-year-old son Anthony Reyes Figueroa. Ricks is also accused in the attempted murder of Sanchez’s other son, who is 12 and has not been named by police.

In a chilling 911 call, the 12-year-old described seeing Ricks murder his mother and little brother.  He told the operator, “My brother is not talking to me.” When the operator asked if he was hurt, he responded “Everywhere.”

Police found the 12-year-old still alive with several stab wounds to the back of the neck when they responded to the third floor apartment.  He…

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