Nova Scotia court finds 19-year-old likely wet the bed, orders teen to pay $675 to his friend’s family

National Post | News

A small claims court adjudicator in Nova Scotia recently was confronted with a most unusual whodunit: Who was responsible for leaving a bed soaked in urine at the home of Dartmouth couple Marlene Williams and Eric Jacobi?

Was it a buddy of Williams’ son who stayed the night after knocking back several beers? Or was it the family pet?

“It is unfortunate that this incident had to come before a public court,” adjudicator Eric Slone harrumphed in a decision released Thursday.

Evan Williams and his buddy Jeremy Gaillard were out drinking on the night of Oct. 27, 2012. Even though Evan had a place of his own, he and Jeremy, both about 19, decided to crash at Evan’s mom’s house. Marlene Williams and Eric Jacobi were out of town.

Evan suggested that Jeremy could sleep in his younger sister’s bed, as she was out of town, too. Evan said he…

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