Lead Investigator Speaks Out About Lancaster County Runaway Mom

CBS Philly

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by Jenn Bernstein

LITITZ, Pa., (CBS) – We are learning more about a Lancaster mother’s time in Florida, after she was declared missing eleven years ago from her home in Lititz (see related story).

According to police, she wasn’t always homeless in the sunshine state.

Lititz Detective Sergeant John Schofield – the lead investigator in her disappearance – says now that the case has made national headlines, the department is receiving calls from people in Florida who say they knew her.

One woman claimed Heist, used the alias “Lovie Smith”, and was her live-in housekeeper for about 11 months.

Prior to that, the woman said “Lovie” cleaned houses for her other friends.

“We’re learning now that life wasn’t so bad for her in some of her friend’s eyes, that are calling us today,” said Detective Sergeant Schofield Thursday.

The 53-year-old turned herself in…

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