Beach residents speak out about violent weekend at the Oceanfront on local radio station

[ooyala code=”IxNHljYjp7fOYKnVpUjVJQ0tvkpaXn-M” player_id=”55ce3a06495346ddb20768902d1e991c”]Virginia Beach, Va. – On Thursday night, a Beach radio station cut the music to talk about the recent violence that hit the Oceanfront.

For about an hour, Z-104 opened its hotline for listeners to join the discussion about the out of control weekend.

As we saw in last night’s Oceanfront town hall meeting, many are upset about the violence and want to be heard.

NewsChannel 3’s Blaine Stewart was on Z-104 tonight with morning DJ Shaggy to talk about what happened in the resort city.

Almost 150 arrests, three shootings, and several stabbings and robberies occurred during a College Beach Weekend.

Z-104 invited state delegate Ron Villanueva on the air to talk about the city’s reaction.

“What we saw this past weekend was a wake-up call.  Not just for the folks at the Oceanfront.  In our entire community,” says Villanueva.

“This stuff happens in Miami; happens at spring…

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