Man Dies After Rattlesnake Bite

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By Brian Entin

HOBE SOUND, FL (WPTV) — Family members say 76-year-old Richard Flora was bitten by an Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake Thursday in Hobe Sound. He later died from the bite.

“We knew something was not right. He was having all the symptoms … a rapid heart rate, sweating, and vomiting,” Flora’s daughter Ellen Willson said.

Wilson says Flora was outside near the front of their home when he was bitten.

Flora was in the late stages of Alzheimer’s. He was rushed to Jupiter Medical Center where there is antivenom available.

“The doctor said we can’t give him the antivenom unless the family wants us to do that. So we had a huge decision to make,” Wilson said.

Flora’s daughters say they recently signed a “do not resuscitate order.”

“If we asked him…would you rather die from Alzheimer’s…which he hated…or would you rather die from a snake bite…I…

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