Jealous Woman Runs Over Ex’s New Girlfriend with Car and Drags Her Under It [WTF Wednesday with @TJ_Radio]

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Screen-shot-2013-04-30-at-8.11.15-AMChicago woman is being held on bail after she allegedly ran over her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend Thursday in Park Forest, prosecutors said.

Alexius Keys, 20, was ordered held in lieu of $750,000 bail on an attempted murder charge in a Cook County Bond Court hearing Sunday.

Police were called after Keys saw her former boyfriend driving with his new girlfriend, according to court documents. After seeing the couple, Keys rear-ended their vehicle, causing them to stop and get out, Assistant State’s Attorney Anthony Gattuso said.

At that point, Keys drove in reverse across a lawn and hit the woman, Gattuso said in court. She ran the woman over and dragged her several feet under the vehicle, Gattuso said.

The woman suffered a broken arm, back fractures, a bruised lung, rib fractures and had a layer of skin scraped from her lower back and butt, he said.

Keys collapsed during her…

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