Police Warn Of “Car Hopping” Trend

CBS Miami

SOUTH MIAMI (CBS4) – They check the door to your car and if it’s open the thief just gets in.

Police call it car hopping.

Burglars go from car to car as quickly as possible looking for money, sunglasses, iPads and whatever they can grab quickly then it’s on to the next.

South Miami resident Cristy Gonzalez-Brito said thieves car hopped her vehicle and took three pairs of glasses and some change as well as photos.  The total amount of items stolen was about three hundred dollars.

[worldnow id=8828927 width=385 height=288 type=video]

“Definitely invaded. Someone’s been through my stuff and you start to wonder, what else did they see?” said Gonzalez-Brito.

Right around the corner from Gonzalez-Brito, a house near 58th Street and 77th Terrace was also hit.  The owner there didn’t want to speak with CBS4 but did hand over surveillance video of a thief breaking into not one but two of the cars…

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