Newborn left on beach found in dark, crying

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HONOLULU, Hawaii  (WTVR) — A shocking discovery was made on a Honolulu beach overnight Sunday.

KHON reports A newborn baby — literally just hours old — was found abandoned on the sand.

Police say a woman heard screams on the beach and 15 minutes later, she heard a baby crying.

She found a newborn baby near the water’s edge, and no one else in sight.

She rushed the girl to a hospital, where’s she’s said to be doing well and drinking formula.

The Department of Human Services says it appears the baby was abandoned immediately after birth.

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Earlier, a man in his van at the beach also heard someone in distress, and grabbed his flashlight to check it out.

“I saw a young female sitting in the water there at the water’s edge, and I asked if the screams were coming from her and she said…

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