Dangerous Police Pursuit Suspect Leaves Trail of Destruction — Steve Kuzj Reports


If you think things looked tense from the sky, down here on the streets things were down right scary.

With this driver tearing around like a maniac, a few families told me they were worried he would crash through their homes.

It all ended right here along this road.

“He deliberately placed his vehicle into reverse and backed into our car letting his tires exceed speed and spin as he crashed into our cars.”

An afternoon in south L.A. turned into a demolition derby.

Police chased a man in the stolen white van you see here for miles as they say he tried to outrun them.

“We came outside because of the helicopters. We saw when he crashed.”

The driver burned rubber in front of Diana Lopez’s house and crashed into a man in his SUV.

“He was just nervous. He was just scared. He was shaking because of the…

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